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One Visit, One Hour Dental Crowns & More

Premier Dental Greensboro is excited to now offer dentistry powered by CEREC Dentsply Sirona in our office. This means we have the ability to create dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and more, in about one hour. In office fabrication means there is no need for temporary crowns, and patients will leave the office with their permanent crown on the same (single) visit.

No Messy Impressions

With our single visit technology comes the integration of digital impressions taken chairside. A digital 3D scanner captures a full mouth image in seconds, eliminating the need for messy impression putty that patients hate.

Primescan Digital Imaging for Same Day Dental Crowns

What To Expect With CEREC Same Day Crowns

While a traditional dental crown procedure would require 2 separate office visits, the CEREC procedure only requires a single visit. Within this single visit, the dentist will start by first prepping the tooth for impressions in anticipation of the crown being placed. Prepping the tooth will remove any decay if present, as well as shape the remaining tooth for ideal crown placement. Once the tooth is prepped, the following steps will be followed for your CEREC crown.

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns Technology

Step 1 - Imaging (Impressions)

Say goodbye to the messy putty that caused gag reflexes in many patients. Digital intra oral scanning tools are now used to create 3D digital impressions in seconds. The small camera takes images of the tooth needing to be treated, as well as surrounding teeth and tissues. Digital imaging provides exact precision for milling of the dental crown and ensures a proper fit.

Step 2 - Creating & Fabricating the Crown

The digital impressions taken are transferred to a computer where a digital model is built of the mouth and the crown to be fitted. Computer technology aides in both the color matching of the new crown, as well as the correct fit.

The computer modeled crown is then transferred over to the milling machine where the crown is actually milled. Milling takes about 15 minutes to create a precise and accurate ceramic dental crown that is ready to be placed.

CEREC Dental Crown Milling

Step 3 - Placing the New Crown

After the ceramic crown is milled in the machine, the dentist will check the color and fit to ensure proper matching and placement. The crown is polished up and cemented into place upon the previously prepped tooth. The whole procedure should be finished in about an hours time.

Schedule Your CEREC Crown Procedure Today

Skip the wait and the mess of a traditional crown procedure by scheduling your CEREC Same Day dental procedure today. Whether you know you're in need of a crown or restoration, or you are unsure if a dental crown is right for you, Dr. LaJean is here to answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

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