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Professional Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants a brighter and whiter smile these days. At Premier Dental Greensboro we offer fantastic professional teeth whitening in Greensboro. We make it fun, easy and affordable to achieve that gorgeous smile of your dreams. There are plenty of options when it comes to whitening or “bleaching” your teeth with modern dentistry techniques. Many patients prefer an in-office “power” bleach as this is the quickest way to whiter shades of teeth. We also offer “bleaching” trays which are custom fitted to your teeth and gum lines. Both of these methods will allow for a more sustainable white smile as opposed to over the counter options such as whitening toothpastes, strips, gels or rinses.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening or “bleaching” is the fastest method used to whiten teeth. The process only involves one visit to begin showing results.

Premier Dental Greensboro uses Opalescence Boost, an award-winning in-office whitening system by Ultradent. One of the major patient benefits of using this system is it doesn't require a hot, uncomfortable light to activate the bleaching agent. Our office will begin by applying a protective barrier to your gum line. Next, a thick layer of the Opalescence Boost will be applied to your teeth. The whole treatment from start to finish takes approximately one hour. In this short amount of time, you can leave the office with a bright, white confident smile.

At-Home Whitening

For those that prefer to do their teeth whitening at home in Greensboro, we offer take-home professional teeth whitening kits. We also recommend our take-home whitening kits in conjunction with in-office professional teeth whitening for longer lasting results.

Upon your visit with Premier Dental Greensboro we will take dental impressions of your teeth. The impressions or “mold” is sent to a dental lab where they fabricate a mouth guard-like tray that is an exact fit to your teeth. When you are ready to whiten your teeth you simply fill the trays with a small amount of peroxide based bleaching agent and press the tray firmly in place. These trays are worn for an alotted amount per day until the desired shade is reached. You keep these trays and bleaching agent for future use or whenever think you need to brighten your smile again!